Footwork is always a key part of our training, with some of our classes having a particular focus on it.

The fundamentals of footwork are simple:
–  Balance:  keep feet under, weight on both feet
–  Distance:  keep opponent at a range at which they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable
–  Angling:  maintain safe position
–  Timing:  to maintain flow of movement.

As a method to improve footwork, try to make it a regular habit to go for a walk each day.  Determine how long it takes to complete the walk, then start to pick times and see how close you can get to matching it.

When using the walk as training, keep knees a tiny bit bent, weight a little bit on the balls of the feet and make steps small.  Use the muscular system to move the body and carry its weight rather, than the skeletal structure.

If you are lucky enough to have a dog as your companion, follow his/her erratic movement patterns of moving quickly, stopping and turning.

Keep agility by allowing for sidesteps and turns as necessary.  When no-one is looking add a strike or kick without breaking step.   Or do it anyway, even if they are looking 🙂 .

To condition the legs, try bending the knees a tiny bit more.

Seek to make your footprints as if the toes are dug in with almost no heel mark–such as the footprint of a sprinter.