About Us

Our modern jujutsu style is especially good for “street” self-defence.

Because that’s what it is designed for.

But we believe that a martial artist is more than just having good technique.

What does that mean?

The techniques we teach are specifically designed to enable students to protect themselves within a short time.

Even so, it’s better not to be in a circumstance requiring physical skills in the first place.  We make sure that our students also learn how to to prevent or reduce conflict using interpersonal skills.  The aim is to develop the individual into an independent, caring and well-rounded person.

A complete system of self-defence

By including personal development skills in the syllabus alongside the technical, our students–the young ones included!–are encouraged to take ownership of their own progress.  It also means having healthy relationships with others.

Is Gendai Jujutsu a Mixed Martial Art (MMA)?

Technically, our style is jujutsu, however because the foundations of Gendai Jujutsu have their origins in different styles of martial arts, it may be described as a ‘mixed’ style.
However, while some modern MMA styles may be classified as ‘sport’, Gendai Jujutsu is non-competitive and designed for life outside a training hall.


Our modern jujutsu is focused on self-defence. Its foundations are primarily in traditional Japanese jujutsu and Chinese kung fu styles, underpinned with the time-honoured values and principles of these ancient arts, such as discipline and respectful behaviour toward self and others.

Gendai Jujutsu incorporates the speed and power in striking defences, easy-to-apply jujutsu escapes and releases from the most common forms of attack, basic ground defence, understanding conflict scenarios–including how to avoid them, and weapons defence.

Our sister school is Evolution Jujutsu, located in Lindfield on Sydney’s North Shore.

Our Instructors

It is an incredible accomplishment to achieve a Black Belt, but it takes much more than being a highly-proficient martial artist to be a great teacher of it.

We provide both:  great martial artists who are great teachers.

Our instructors undergo a minimum of 12 months’ training in our highly-regarded Instructor Program.  In addition, they are encouraged to broaden their skills, with many achieving high rankings in styles such as Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, Judo and Taekwondo.

Our lead instructors have a minimum grade level of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt), are bound by our Rules of the Dojo, and observe the Australian Ju-Jitsu Association’s Code of Conduct.

But most importantly, with our limit on class sizes, our amazing instructors are able to focus on each student to ensure they get the most out of every session.

It is also mandatory that our instructors have as much fun as their students.  (Which is a lot.)