A Martial Art for the Real World

Gendai Jujutsu is specifically designed as a street-style self-defence.

Our programs are age-specific, so members train with and learn martial art skills appropriate to their age (girls and boys 5-17, 8-11 and 12-17 years) in a fun, safe and respectful environment.

We also make sure each student always gets the attention they need.

Along with the technical skills, our programs develop personal skills:

  • Discipline – concentration and self-control
  • Independence – for self-sufficiency
  • Social skills – getting along with peers and the meaning of ‘respect’
  • Commitment – finish what you start
  • Positive self-image – healthy attitude toward self and others
  • Physical conditioning – co-ordination, balance, flexibility
  • Situational awareness – recognise and avoid danger
  • Leadership – confidence, independence and courtesy
  • Emotional maturity – manage the situation
And there’s more!

We also offer an outstanding Leader & Instructor Program
(free of charge to existing students!), specialist seminars such as Women’s self-defence,
and the option to include us in your school’s extracurricular or in-school activities.

Self-defence for Children & Teenagers

We feel strongly about making sure our students learn skills for ‘real life’, which is why our mixed martial art style is non-competitive.

And we make absolutely sure a lot of fun is had doing it.

Students learn practical techniques, with just some of the benefits being increased confidence, co-ordination, and improvement in focus and self-control–all while having a blast!

It takes time to develop self-defence skills, but with a commitment to just one year of training, you will see a significant improvement in self-discipline and positive outlook, key to high achievement–in any field.