Void (Ku)

Ku:  Emptiness.  Nothingness.  The void. Ku is about allowing oneself to sense surroundings and act without thinking. It is a core element of what we try to convey in our teaching and manifests in many different contexts. One is the emptiness that one seeks when disappearing or becoming invisible within a technique.  Another is the [...]

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Thinking what…?

There’s much good material published in both in books and on the internet about that thing called positive thinking, and it’s likely you’ve read at least some it, so you probably already know it’s healthy to experience the full range of emotions, including everyone’s great old friend guilt.  But while there’s no question that submerging [...]

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Self-Discipline: Fundamental to Success

Over the years we’ve found that one of the key things parents are looking for in a martial art is ‘discipline’.  For parents of younger children, this might mean improved focus or more physical control. Of course, we model what’s expected as far as behaviours go, and by default demonstrate the self-discipline required to persevere [...]

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The Element of Water (Sui)

Many of the forms we use with training in martial arts follow a concept of the elements:  Earth, Water, Fire, Wind or Void.  This month, our focus is on Water ('Sui'). When doing the 'water' forms, we are meant to be mindful of this element, of its flowing and continual movement, its power and ability [...]

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Footwork is always a key part of our training, with some of our classes having a particular focus on it. The fundamentals of footwork are simple: –  Balance:  keep feet under, weight on both feet –  Distance:  keep opponent at a range at which they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable –  Angling:  maintain safe position –  [...]

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Earth (Chi)

Solid, stable, confident, with qualities of patience, thoughtfulness, practicality, hard work and stability, our earth element theme for this month is also nurturing and seeks to bring harmony. We think of Earth as the element of stability, foundations, wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity.  It is seen as practical, structured, productive, grounded (pardon the pun), [...]

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The concept of Safety is paramount in self-defence. Plain common sense is essential for personal safety: being aware of surroundings, knowing who to call or where to go if feeling threatened (especially for younger people), and how to defend if necessary. One of the most important skills is situational awareness – knowing what's going on [...]

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With the help of repetitive training, we are always, if unwittingly, working on our Speed. If an opponent is allowed to get within striking range, the defender loses the advantage of controlling the distance and must rely more on speed and reaction time.  To some degree, strength and endurance training will help to increase speed, [...]

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