Strength (Physical/Mind)

It is a wonderful thing to be able to have physical strength, but it does not happen without some effort.  Happily, the development of physical strength is measurable, but to enjoy the long-term benefits, it takes strength of mind to achieve an even greater result. We all face different challenges every day, many of which [...]

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‘Natural movement’

“Taijutsu's very free with its movement.  Nothing's set.  There is no strong and weak.  The most important thing is to survive.” – Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Bujinkan Studying self-defence is done for varied circumstances. Using the principles of natural movement allows for a free and intuitive response, techniques are ‘allowed’ to happen, free from concern about [...]

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The Element of Wind (Fu)

Our theme this month is the element of Wind (Fu). The movement associated with wind is circular, multi-directional, with little or no indication when it is about to change.  Lighter than touch, or powerful enough to cause complete destruction, the principle of the element of wind or air is unpredictability.  It can seem as if [...]

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Our theme for this month is Timing. In self-defence, it is important to wait for the movement of one’s opponent and not to attempt to ‘produce’ something.  The feeling is more of disengaging or preservation rather than engaging in a battle ‘to the death’ with your opponent.  In training, many people after receiving a [...]

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