COVID-19 Safety Plan & Conditions of Entry

Wellbeing of All

We are committed to keeping everyone safe and are currently implementing the following:

  • Any instructors, students or visitors who are unwell or are suspected of being unwell are advised not to attend class.
  • Anyone who has been attending class and who has become unwell is required to immediately notify Sensei.
  • Students are briefed on physical distancing, cleaning and personal equipment and their responsibilities when unwell.
  • COVID Safe notices with conditions of entry are on display in the training area.
Physical Distancing

To ensure the safety of instructors and students, physical distancing is practised in all classes.

The following conditions are in effect:

  • Classes are conducted in line with the one person per 4 metre rule.
  • Training (contact or non contact) is conducted in line with NSW Government rules and regulations.
  • Markers are placed on the floor to indicate distancing per the 4 square metre rule.
  • Gatherings before and after class are required to be per the NSW Government guidelines.
  • As circumstances change, classes will be conducted per physical and social distancing rules as required.
Hygiene and Cleaning

We are keeping Gendai Jujutsu clean:

  • Hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels are provided.
  • Students are required to bring their own personal equipment.
  • While sanitised equipment is available in class, sharing of equipment during class is not permitted.
  • Students are reminded of good hygiene practices at the beginning of class.
  • The training area is cleaned at the end of each day.
Conditions of Entry
  • Students are required to bring their personal equipment to each class.  Sharing of personal equipment is not allowed.
  • Visitors may view classes from outside the training area.  We encourage appropriate social distancing.
  • Visitors entering the training area are required to enter contact details on the form provided for this purpose.
  • Any Instructor, Student or Visitor who is unwell, or suspects they may be unwell, must not attend class and is to notify Sensei immediately in this event.